Stable Performance High Lumen C6 LED Head Light


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The bulb size may vary between the model or trim of your vehicle.
Please check your vehicles owners manual or the original bulb to confirm the bulb size before placing an order.


3800Lm per bulb beautiful bright white color beam,brighter than other brand,see clearer,farther and safer at night and bad weather.
2pcs Import Custom COB LED chips car Light Source with two sides 280 Degrees Emitting.
Safety, Instant on, no flicker, low voltage and constant current, aviation aluminum heat dissipation design.
Built in turbo fan,low heat and fast heat dissipation, won’t damage your car power and lamp holder.
Long lifespan,energy saving , consumption is only 1/10 of halogen bulb,when LED headlight has 3 times brighter and 10 times longer lifespan.


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