M02X Bluetooth Headlight Bulb

Single Piece



  • INTENSE BRIGHTNESS HEADLIGHT: AllExtreme LED Headlight Bulb is designed with multi colour LEDs to provide excellent brightness for dispelling darkness from the road to enjoy effortless riding and driving. Besides, it has built-in Canbus for high brightness.
  • EFFICIENT HEAT DISSIPATION: The offered headlight has a built-in turbo cooling fan to accelerate the heat dissipation for maintaining smarter and superior performance along with the utmost longevity of around 30,000 hours operational life.
  • MULTIPLE LIGHTING MODES WITH RGB EFFECT: It features various lighting modes ranging from single colour and multiple colour combination. It also provides strobe conversion, gradient and colour exchange effect. It also has light effects that change with the rhythm of music.
  • CONTROL DIRECTLY FROM PHONE: The available sensor can get connected via Bluetooth. Turn on the power after connecting the LED lantern. You just need to download an application by scanning the bar code available on the controller cover. Start the app, search controller & connect to enjoy the wireless operation.
  • WIRING INSTRUCTION: This is an all-in-one simple design LED light bulbs that is compatible with all car and motorcycle for smooth installation. You can do wiring by yourself or with the help of any professional as per the suggested patterns: Green + White – Low Beam, Green + Blue – High Beam, Green + Red – RGB.