Lushiman 3 Tip Iridium Spark Plug For CG125

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1. 3-Electrode ignition, which maximizes the flashover distance and makes the longest arc length under the same supply pressure; helps accelerate flame spread, not afraid of adding carbon and consumption in prolonged use;
2. Long life: the ordinary spark plugs use a single electrode, while this spark plug use three-electrode ignition which has higher melting point, better guarantee the integrity of their electrodes.
3. Lift power: the 3-electrode center ignition end makes it easier to gather more electric energy and break through the spark gap, ensuring that the gasoline engine has a good start and acceleration performance.
4. Reduce carbon deposition: the 3-electrode ignition end makes it easy to stabilize in the optimal temperature range between self-purging combustion and hot combustion, thereby reducing carbon deposition.
5. Save fuel: the heating center electrode consumes less heat, the fire core is easy to spread, combustion is more complete, and fuel is saved.


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