Jet Turbine Air Filter For Bikes

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Universal fit for all Bikes and Scooters Geared or Non-Geared of any model

Improves up to 95 percent filtration efficiency micro cotton gauze type filter material | Gives a high volume flow of clean air into the engine

Wire mesh covering on both sides special sub design | Recommended for on street and off street drives

Designed to improve horsepower, torque and acceleration | Reusable high-flow air filter which reduces noise

Conical design technology improve you bike performance

Designed to increase horsepower improves performance and pickup of your bike & car, increases air flow and improves power output

Durable and easy to fit

Easy to install, can be cleaned and re-used (foam type air filter)

The product come in standard specifications, consult the technician before fitting the product

Reliable performance


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