Dual Projector LED Light


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Voltage: 10V-28V
Item Type: Motorcycle LED Spotlight Headlight Fog Light
Light Colour: White + Yellow Dual Colour Switchback
Power: 20W /PC( Actual test)
Lumen: 2500 Lms/PC(Actual test)
Lighting: High beam white, low beam yellow
Housing Material: Aluminium
300% brighter than your stock Halogen headlights
Life Span: Up to 30,000 Hours for regular usage
Size: As shown
Detail Size: Please check the size picture before ordering.
Wires Connection: 3 Wires


Multi-purpose: can be used as high beam auxiliary lamp, headlight driving light, fog lamp, work lamp, spot lamp.
Suitable for different environments: white and yellow beams. It has good irradiation effect in snowy, rainy, foggy and dusty weather.
Suitable for dusty and humid environments.
General: Can be placed on motorcycles / Dirt Bike / Street Bike / Trucks / SUVs / UTVs / cars.



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